Breaking Ground: Landmark's Next Big Residential Project

Breaking Ground: Landmark's Next Big Residential Project

A new seven-story residential development has been proposed for the Landmark neighborhood. The developer has filed for a permit to transform 6101 and 6125 Stevenson Avenue, currently occupied by an office building and parking lot, into a modern residential building.

Project Details

The proposed development includes:

  • 270 Residential Units: The new building will feature a total of 270 units.
  • 340 Parking Spaces: A garage will provide ample parking, with 340 spaces available.
  • Ground-Floor Lobby and Amenities: The ground floor will host a lobby and various amenity spaces for residents' use.

To proceed, the development requires a special use permit to:

  • Increase the building height to 85 feet.
  • Increase the floor area ratio (FAR).

Application Insights

According to the developer's application, the project aims to:

  • Modernize the Property: Replace the aging office building with a contemporary multi-unit residential structure, addressing the region's housing needs.
  • Enhance Stevenson Avenue Streetscape: Improve the surrounding streetscape and reduce the number of curb cuts from three to two.
  • Increase Density Appropriately: Achieve desirable and contextually appropriate residential density.
  • Offer Affordable Housing: Provide 26 affordable units, priced for those earning up to 60% of the area median income (AMI) for the next 40 years. These units will include 17 one-bedroom apartments and 9 two-bedroom apartments.
  • Contribute to Housing Trust Fund: The developer will contribute $433,962 to the Housing Trust Fund.

Next Steps

The project is slated for review by the Planning Commission on June 4.

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