Breaking News: Fairfax County Schools Restore Snow Days, Putting an End to Virtual Learning

Breaking News: Fairfax County Schools Restore Snow Days, Putting an End to Virtual Learning
Snow days are coming back to Fairfax County schools! Say goodbye to virtual learning and hello to a real winter break. Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has built 11 snow days into their upcoming calendar and will fully close on all of them if necessary. The decision aims to prioritize in-person learning and ensure that all students have equal access to instruction and services.
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, FCPS experimented with remote and hybrid learning, but it came with its fair share of issues. Technology problems and mental health struggles were reported by both students and staff. While in-person classes resumed in August 2021, FCPS is still dealing with the fallout from the disruptions caused by the pandemic.
Last year saw almost no snow, making the virtual learning policy unnecessary. However, this winter is predicted to be different. Forecasters are anticipating the most snow in five years, and FCPS wants to ensure that learning doesn't stop during these snow days.
Suggestions for keeping students engaged during snow days and winter break are being sought by Superintendent Michelle Reid. Any submitted ideas will be shared on FCPS's website as a resource for students and families.
Even during snow days, students will still have access to educational resources. They can utilize, complete recommended supplemental learning opportunities, and tune in to educational programming on Red Apple 21 for elementary school, Channel 25 for middle school, and Channel 99 for high school instruction.
Dr. Reid encourages students to embrace the diverse learning opportunities that inclement weather brings, whether it's exploring the physics of sledding or experimenting with ratios to create the perfect mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Let's make the most of snow days and keep learning alive!

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