Chuck Kuhn is taking Gainesville's industrial landscape to new heights!

Chuck Kuhn is taking Gainesville's industrial landscape to new heights!
Chuck Kuhn is taking Gainesville's industrial landscape to new heights - by acquiring an industrial park and plans for a brand-new warehouse! The sky is no longer the limit.
Chuck Kuhn, the impressive dual CEO of JK Moving Services and real estate investor extraordinaire, recently acquired a quite substantial 31-acre industrial park in Gainesville. His plans include constructing additional warehouse space to this already sizeable venture - a grand total price tag coming out at $57 million! With his extensive experience in dealings with land acquisitioning through working as president for JK Land Holdings LLC, it looks like Mr. Kuhn is really making moves (literally!) when it comes to turning big dreams into reality!
Nestled just a mile away from the bustling I-66 and Lee Highway interchange, this 362,000 square feet of prime real estate has been recently acquired by Chalmers Property Co. for $27.3 million! Bo Cashman and Jonathan Beard were two affiliates of Chantilly's privately-held firm that represented the sellers in this transaction - giving them access to all those new express lanes open to commercial trucks fully operational from 2020.
David Chalmers, President of the esteemed Chalmbers Company, chose not to publicly comment on a recent major acquisition. The land in Prince William County was attractive due its location and zoning being ideal for commercial use - meaning this property is perfect for growth! Shawn Flaherty also said that there are several pre-existing buildings already leased out as well as plans underway to make room by adding an additional 65000 square feet warehouse pad. With all these factors combined – it's no wonder why Kuhn found the spot so appealing!
To enhance the appearance of Prince William, Flaherty announced their goal to clean up the industrial park. This includes a wide range of uses from moving and storage services, warehouses, fulfillment centers - even data centers if they're situated within certain zones! All in all it's an exciting initiative that is sure to leave this community looking great.
Kuhn recently acquired parcels that are zoned for highly sought-after heavy industrial use. Despite a recent softening of tenant demand, Northern Virginia has seen positive absorption in this sector over the past 10 years according to CBRE's fourth quarter 2022 report. The Route 29/I-66 corridor area - including Kuhn's acquisition and more than 700k sq ft of new construction underway - represents Prince William County’s biggest industrial hub!
CBRE's press release announced that the site is home to 10 industrial and warehouse tenants, plus a telecommunications tenant. Among those at this unique destination include White Cap Supply Holdings LLC - your go-to for construction and industrial supplies - as well as Atlantic Coast Cotton, renowned apparel printers and embroiderers!
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