Discover the Surprising Downsides of Artificial Turf: Is It Worth the Hype?

Discover the Surprising Downsides of Artificial Turf: Is It Worth the Hype?
Artificial turf has surged in popularity over the past decade, offering an appealing solution to the hassle of maintaining a grass lawn. However, recent revelations have left homeowners regretting their decision to install plastic grass, as reported by The Guardian.
The Rise and Fall of Artificial Turf
Although artificial turf has been available for almost 80 years, its quality has greatly improved in the last 10 to 15 years, leading to a surge in sales. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with people spending more time at home, the demand for artificial turf reached record-breaking levels.
However, the tides have turned dramatically in 2023, with demand plummeting by nearly two-thirds compared to 2021, according to The Guardian. In fact, many homeowners are now removing their once-prized plastic lawns.
Unforeseen Maintenance and Inconveniences
One of the main reasons artificial turf is falling out of favor is the misconception that it requires minimal maintenance. Instead of mowing, homeowners quickly realize that plastic grass needs frequent vacuuming to remove leaves and debris that would simply decompose on natural grass.
The “pass notes” series from The Guardian highlighted this unexpected chore, stating, “That’s a chore I hadn’t reckoned with.”
In addition, artificial turf may look inviting, but it can actually burn your feet in hot weather, unlike real grass that helps cool the surroundings. Moreover, water tends to pool on the surface of artificial turf, along with urine, resulting in persistent unpleasant odors. These drawbacks have even been shown to devalue properties by up to 5%, despite the higher installation costs compared to natural grass.
Safety Concerns in Sports
Not only do homeowners face disappointment with artificial turf, but a report from the NFL Players Association has revealed that it also poses a greater risk of injuries compared to natural grass. This finding has raised concerns in the sports world.
Better Alternatives to Consider
If you're seeking an alternative to artificial turf that doesn't require the time and effort of maintaining a traditional grass lawn, native plants are an excellent option. Expert rewilding companies like Yardzen can guide you in selecting the perfect combination of native plants for your area and lifestyle.
Native plants have thrived in their natural habitats for thousands of years, adapting to the local climate. They require minimal irrigation and care to thrive, saving homeowners time and reducing water bills. Additionally, native plants attract and support pollinators, benefiting both homeowners and the environment. Say goodbye to artificial turf and embrace a more sustainable, low-maintenance solution.

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