Great Wolf Lodge Maryland: Everything You Need to Know About the New Water Park


Great Wolf Lodge Maryland: Everything You Need to Know About the New Water Park

Looking for a place to cool off this summer? Great Wolf Lodge is opening its largest waterpark yet, and it’s right here in Maryland! The new waterpark will have something for everyone, from thrilling water slides to relaxing pools. Read on for everything you need to know about the new Great Wolf Lodge waterpark.


With so many alternatives, including a new water park within driving distance of Northern Virginia, it's never too early to start planning a summer vacation. On July 15, Perryville, Maryland (on Maryland's upper Eastern Shore, about two hours from NoVA), the largest location to date of Great Wolf Lodge, which owns other indoor water parks across the nation, will open.


This waterpark is perfect for families with young children, as it has a number of kid-friendly features. 

With its safe and shallow pools, an array of fun slides and tubes, and even an interactive play structure, this waterpark is the perfect place for families with young children to explore. Attentive lifeguards are always on duty ensuring that the children stay safe while they enjoy the exciting activities at hand. The park also offers a cozy lounge area with comfortable chairs and tables so parents can relax while their kids make a splash around them. Plus, with concessions, snacks and refreshments available, no one will leave disappointed or hungry!


Some of the highlights of the park include the wave pool, lazy river, and slides. 

With the hot summer days coming up, what could be more fun than a trip to an exciting water park? The park not only offers plenty of attractions, but also provides chances for relaxation. One of the main highlights of the park is the wave pool – kids and adults alike will have a great time jumping and swimming in these waves! If you want something more tranquil, why not take a turn down the lazy river? That's your chance to kick back and enjoy slow-moving current as you drift by. Don't forget about the slide area, too - there's sure to be lots of laughs when people ride down any number of winding waterslides.


The following is how Big Wolf characterizes a few of the park's slides in Maryland:


  • Otter Cave Waterworks is the iconic, multi-level water play structure of Great Wolf Lodge, complete with suspension bridges, slides, and spray booths. A huge 1,000-gallon tipping bucket that drops water to the delight of youngsters waiting below is perched above Otter Cave Waterworks. Six water slides are attached to the play structure, including two at a lower level for a more leisurely ride and four twisting body slides that start from the top of the structure.

  • Chesapeake Plunge: "This raft ride transports passengers on a thrilling, twisting, and gliding excursion. Riders on the Chesapeake Plunge are sent careening through the fun-filled river's plunging, twisting curves.

  • Wolf Tail: "A thrill-joy". Visitors enter a launch capsule and listen to the heartbeat's rhythm as they wait for the floor to collapse beneath them, sending them into a 20-foot free fall that is quickly followed by two 360-degree, high-speed loops.

  • Rapid Racer: "This one- or two-person tube slide is sure to get your competitive juices flowing. Riders start the race side-by-side before accelerating down drops, chutes, and serpentine curves throughout the course. In two places on the track, when the only barrier between racers is a low wall, riders find themselves side by side with their rivals as they wind their way down.

  • River Canyon Run: A fun family raft attraction that carries up to five riders on a white-water excursion into a saucer and down one of the park's largest slides. This is an excellent first slide for younger children or parents who don't like heights because there are no sharp dips.

  • Otter Run: is a body slide with steep straightaways and rapid bends that offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that visitors will want to partake in repeatedly.

  • Slap Tail Pond: "A family favorite," says. This enormous wave pool comes to life with waves that may reach a height of three feet thanks to an audio cue of a howling wolf. Every five minutes, the surf is busy, much to the joy of the laughing kids in the pool.

  • Crooked Creek: Visitors can unwind and float on tubes down this winding lazy river in the midst of the waterpark, which offers a break from the waterpark's more energetic attractions.

  • Chinook Cove: Basketball hoops, floating obstacles, and other kid-friendly action-oriented features.

  • Big Foot Pass: "An original water obstacle challenge where both children and adults must balance on lily pads and floating logs to cross the pool. To make it easier for visitors to move from one side to the other, cargo netting swings down.

  • Whooping Hollow: "A portion of the waterpark especially created for young visitors and toddlers. The perfect-sized water slides at this play area have gentle slopes and small turns, making them the preferred attractions for the "under 42 inches" crowd.


There are also a number of restaurants and shops located within the park. 

Those coming to the park will find it hard to resist the delightful array of restaurants and shops located within, giving visitors the perfect opportunity to treat themselves or someone else. These establishments, with their bright window displays and blasts of aromas, provide a wonderful way to rest while exploring the various attractions and paths in the park. Whether you are looking for the perfect present or something to please your taste buds, there is something here for everyone!


The resort also has an outdoor pool and a hot tub.


Visitors can refuel at any of the resort's dining establishments after a long day of swimming and playing in the park. Visitors can dine à la carte at Barnwood, which offers an excellent menu and a variety of regional wines, for a great, sit-down meal. Hungry As A Wolf Pizza and Freshwoods Market are there for you if a quick and easy meal sounds like the greatest way to wind down after a long day. And Wood's End Creamery offers a variety of delectable treats for a sweet snack break or lovely nightcap.


Booking is already open for this summer, with rates beginning at $199.99 per night. Two days of water park fun are included with an overnight stay. Maryland's Perryville at 1240 Chesapeake Overlook Parkway.


Visiting the Great Wolf Lodge in Maryland is an experience you won't want to miss! From its luxurious rooms, endless activities, and unique attractions, this resort is sure to give you a splendid vacation. With so many great amenities, it's no wonder the Great Wolf Lodge Maryland makes for such a great getaway spot. Be sure to check out this blog post before booking your trip so you can get the most out of your stay!


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