Halloween Help: The Ultimate Guide to Last-Minute Halloween Fun

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're like many people, you may be scrambling for ideas on how to celebrate. Never fear – we've got you covered! In this guide, we'll share tons of tips and tricks for having a spook-tacular time, no matter what your plans are. We genuinely adore Halloween, which is one of the reasons we begin searching for the hippest outfits, spookiest decorations, and best dishes in, oh, July. However, we are all busy parents. So, whether you’re the DIY master who’s gotten too busy this month to make something from scratch, or you have a kid who can’t make up his mind about his costume and now you need something stat, we’ve rounded up some costumes that you and your kids will love! 


If you're like us and still in need of some last-minute Halloween assistance with costumes, there is enough motivation here for you. So read on – and get ready to have some fun!

DIY #1 Corn Halloween Costume

Because maize is a beautiful thing (it's corn! ), if we've learnt anything in 2022, it's that. Take the trend head-on with this beautiful concept. 


DIY #2 Bushel of Apples Costume

Make the costume: Start with a peck bushel basket and remove the bottom. Attach red suspenders. Make the balloon apples by using small red balloons(with uninflated green water balloon ties) to fill the basket with “apples.” Embellish a red felt beret with a felt “stem” and “leaf.”


DIY #3 Cowboy and Horse Halloween Costume

Make your youngster's wild west dreams come true with this one-of-a-kind costume.


DIY #4 Haunted House Halloween Costume

Embellish a cardboard box with craft paint, muslin for the shutters, and paper and wire for the bats.


DIY #5 Jar of Pickles and Pickle Halloween Costumes

We adore this concept for a sibling costume!


Use craft paper for the label, corrugated paper and cardboard for the lid, plastic sheeting for the glass, and long green "twister" balloons for the pickles in the jar (blow up to roughly seven inches long).


Create a romper for the pickle out of felt polka dots over a green onesie for a "sidepick" that is more sweet than sour.


DIY #6 White Swan Halloween Costume

You'll be prepared to take a bow after creating this stunning costume.


DIY #7 Librarian Halloween Costume

Quiet, please! We love this costume idea for kids of a sophisticated librarian. A Peter Pan collar top, cardigan sweater, and plaid skirt (which you probably already own in your closet) round out the outfit, which is accessorized with a library card canvas tote as a theme-appropriate candy carryall. Remember to include a pair of glasses.


DIY #8 Flower Pot Halloween Costume

Your child's flower costume can be fully bloomed with just a few ingredients! Start with a green leotard and tights as a foundation. Make leaf sleeves out of green felt and dark green embroidery thread. Create a petal face piece using pink felt (or her favorite color) next. To make a flower ballerina, substitute a green tutu for the plastic pot.


DIY #9 Star Wars Obi-Wan Halloween Costume


Your kid will have the force on his side when he wears this Star Wars DIY costume, which is surprisingly simple to build. A pool noodle is cleverly used as a lightsaber!


DIY #10 Football Field Halloween Costume

This year's Halloween outfit for your sports enthusiast will be the most creative in the neighborhood. Additionally, given that it was created with Dollar Store materials, you'll feel like the real winner.


DIY #11 DIY Cowboy and Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

Whether best friends or siblings, kids can go as cowboys and cowgirls together.


DIY #12 Penny Halloween Costume

Here's a costume that just makes "cents" if you're looking for a clever, surprisingly quick Halloween get-up.


DIY #13 Despicable Me Minion Costume

The minion mania is still going strong, you can't help it! These easy-to-make minion costumes from One Creative Housewife are ideal if your kids are going through this stage. If you want to construct this outfit quickly, you can omit the optional DIY.


Supplies: a yellow hoodie, a pair of jeans, a pair of simple glasses, some black pipe cleaners, and some black shoes.


DIY #14  Rag Doll Halloween Costume

The red yarn "hair" is what makes this costume such a winner, and it's a snap to create!


DIY #15 Olaf Halloween Costume

Let it snow (in spirit, of course) and channel this adored Frozen snowman because a little cold never troubled your kids anyhow.


DIY #16 Hedwig Baby Owl Halloween Costume

Whooooooo can make this seriously sweet Harry Potter Hegwig baby costume? Because it's no sew, the answer is everyone, that's who!


DIY #17 Peter Pan Halloween Costume

Your adventurer will be reminded to never grow up in this charming outfit!


DIY #18 Scarecrow Costume

Discover how to make a sweet homemade scarecrow costume! It is quite simple to make, especially with items from the charity store, and it works beautifully for toddlers, kids, and adults.


Materials: plaid shirt, jeans, and scraps for patches


DIY #19 DIY 'Harry Potter' Halloween Costume

To create this lovely DIY Harry Potter costume, no spells are required!


DIY #20  Jane Goodall Halloween Costume

What greater role model is there than this animal rights advocate for your kid monkey?


DIY #21 Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

Your tiny explorers will be prepared to dig into their Halloween candy supply.


DIY #22  Mermaid Halloween Costume

We hope there's lots of candy under the sea!


DIY #23  Viking Halloween Costume

Would you believe the primary materials for this costume are fuzzy toilet seat coverings, which cost $3? This outfit is cute and reasonably priced.


DIY #24 DIY Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume

Take your kiddo's Halloween costume to infinity and beyond this year.


DIY #25 Ghost Halloween Costume

There's a reason why the ghost costume is a classic. This year, give this no-sew version a try.


Whatever you choose to do (or not choose to do), just keep in mind that it will all work out for the best. The kids won't be paying much attention to how homemade your door decorations are since they'll be too busy categorizing their treat bags into "consume now" and "hide from Mom." No matter what your plans are this Halloween, we hope you have a great time! Thanks for reading! And be sure to check back soon – we'll be sharing even more Halloween fun in the days to come. Happy haunting!


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