Outdoor Space Staging 101 – Avoiding the 10 Most Common Mistakes and Maximizing Your ROI

Outdoor Space Staging 101 – Avoiding the 10 Most Common Mistakes and Maximizing Your ROI
Staging your outdoor space is an important part of creating a functional and visually appealing area. However, there are some common mistakes that can be made when staging the outdoors to make it look its best. Here we’ll go over five of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to outdoor space staging so you can avoid making them yourself! From poorly arranged furniture placement, to overwhelming color schemes and more, by avoiding these five basic errors in outdoor stage design will help create a truly stunning backdrop for any occasion!
Not paying attention to the background of outdoor space staging
When staging outdoor spaces, it is all too easy to focus solely on the furniture and decorations while paying little attention to the background. This can be a huge mistake, as the backdrop of an outdoor space sets the tone for the entire environment. The right combination of colors and textures can turn a boring yard into a welcoming oasis. On the other hand, neglecting details like trees, shrubs, and plants can create an unbalanced atmosphere that leaves viewers feeling uncomfortable. Whether taking pictures or hosting guests at home, always take time to carefully consider how every element of the outdoors works together in harmony to best show off your outdoor space staging efforts.
Overgrown plants and trees
Create a standout landscape that will truly wow your visitors - with well-maintained plants and trees.It's essential to regularly tend to the garden, whether virtually or in person - weeds, overgrown bushes and dry branches can create an untidy look. Set aside some time for maintenance tasks such as pruning shrubs, trimming hedges and mowing lawns; you'll end up with an attractive outdoor space that won't go unnoticed!
Clutter is not cleared
When moving, it can be difficult to make sure the home is cleared of clutter. Leaving behind a legacy of memories and belongings may feel precious at first but buyers would often prefer an empty space. To avoid leaving a mess for others to take care of, utilizing professional moving services can help you easily transition out with little fuss or trouble. No matter how far away your new destination is - long distance movers are available if needed - reputable companies exist that will ensure your move from one abode to another goes as smoothly as possible! Creating a neat, put-together exterior can make all the difference when it comes to giving your home an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Not only will this give potential buyers better curb appeal but also allows for excellent virtual staging images that truly show off your space.
Placing furniture in a poor way that disrupts the flow of an outdoor space 
Having a poorly arranged outdoor space can be hugely disruptive and make a person very uncomfortable. It can ruin the atmosphere of the area and potentially even disturb those who are around. Furniture is the main factor when it comes to creating an atmosphere, so misplacing pieces can result in an awkward or uncomfortable environment for all. Blocking pathways with furniture, for example, can mean that people must move out of their comfort zone and into one another’s personal space in order to pass by or get from one side of the area to the other. It is important to consider how you would like your visitors to feel comfortable and make sure that your furniture isn't obstructing anyone's flow.
Absence of garden furniture
Transform your outdoor space into an extension of the indoors with stylish and affordable garden furniture. Whether it's sun loungers, a coffee table, an umbrella or a complete teak set - having some pieces to furnish the area can make all the difference when serving dinner al fresco under the stars! And if you want something extra special for summer parties then why not consider adding in striking stage seating? It's sure to take any gathering from average to unforgettable.
Choosing wrong colors and textures for outdoor furniture and decorations
When choosing outdoor furniture and decorations for your patio, it is important to select colors and textures that blend with the environment. If chosen incorrectly, the entire look of your patio can become overpowering. Bright and clashing colors will only make a small space seem cramped, while bold textures that don't match the style of the rest of your house will stick out like a sore thumb. Careful consideration should be made when selecting outdoor furniture and decorations, as opting for the wrong colors or textures can make all the difference between a unique and inviting yard, or one that looks unbalanced and sloppy.
Dusty and dirty space
Dirty and dusty outdoor spaces can be a real eyesore, no matter how great your home's interior looks. It doesn't make sense to spruce up the inside with cushions or stylish accessories if you have unclean surfaces outside that will show in photographs; Unless of course you plan on virtually staging your home! Pay attention to dirt and dust when planning professional photography as it could ruin all of the hard work put into making sure everything else is perfect!
Not taking into account climate changes when staging an outdoor space
When staging an outdoor space, it is important to take into account the changing climate. Consider the area and its location, how much exposure the space will get to the elements now, and in the future. If there are extreme weather events in the past or forecasted for that particular region, they need to be accounted for when creating an outdoor design concept. This can help prepare a home for its future inhabitants by making sure that their investment is safe and prepared to handle anything Mother Nature throws at it. It also ensures that your buyers are gaining a space they can fully enjoy without any of the added worries associated with harsh weather conditions. Taking full advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer while investing responsibly in outdoor home staging starts with taking climate changes seriously.
Not working with proper measurements and scaling when placing furniture pieces in an outdoor setting
Without the proper measurements and scaling when placing furniture pieces in an outdoor setting, your space can quickly become disorderly or unbalanced. Incorporating measurements and understanding proportion when choosing furniture pieces is key to creating a cohesive area for relaxing or socializing. It can be tedious work, but the results are worth the effort. By keeping one eye on scale and proportion, you can create an outdoor living space that’s full of visual interest and keeps people comfortable and happy. Not only will it look great in photos, but it will serve as a perfect respite for entertaining family or friends.
No Flowers
Tired of lifeless, dull outdoor areas? Liven up the atmosphere with some carefully placed blooms! Whether you're looking to sell your home or simply make it more inviting for guests, incorporating flowers and bushes into yards and patios is a great way to add freshness in no time. Brighten up your outdoor space with a colorful addition! Add some beautiful flowers to your yard for an eye-catching and vibrant display. While late fall and winter may pose difficulty keeping plants alive outdoors—summertime offers ample opportunity as many homes are sold during these brisk months. Show off that yard space by adding nature's colorful touch today!
Even seemingly small errors in staging your outdoor space can negatively influence potential buyers, no matter how professionally it is done. Don't underestimate such minor details - getting them right could be the difference between selling quickly and for a higher price or longer with less money!
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