Prince William Board Approves Previously Rejected Home Gun Business Amid Threat of Legal Action

Prince William Board Approves Previously Rejected Home Gun Business Amid Threat of Legal Action
The Prince William Board of County Supervisors has made a controversial decision to grant approval for a home gun business in Potomac Shores. The application was previously rejected in September, but after the applicant threatened legal action, the board decided to reconsider.
Robert Dawson, the applicant, will now be allowed to sell guns online and conduct in-person background checks by appointment only. The approval comes with certain conditions, including limited walk-in customers at Dawson's Cockspur Lane home.
The board's decision was supported by three Republicans and one Democrat, while the remaining Democrats opposed it. Occoquan Supervisor Kenny Boddye, who had rejected the application previously, abstained from voting, allowing the measure to pass by a narrow margin.
Dawson's application was initially denied in response to concerns raised by residents and the proximity of the home to schools. However, Dawson argued that similar businesses had been approved in the county before and accused the board of unfairly targeting him. He threatened legal action, prompting the board to reconsider.
During the hearing, several residents expressed opposition to the home gun business, citing the increase in violent crime in the area. Supervisor Andrea Bailey urged Dawson to work closely with the community to address their concerns and gain their support.
Ultimately, the decision to approve the home gun business highlights the ongoing debate surrounding firearm regulation and local control. While some argue that gun-related issues should be addressed at the state and federal level, others believe that local authorities should have more say in regulating such businesses.

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