The 4 Freedoms for the Ideal Life and How to Achieve Them

The 4 Freedoms for the Ideal Life and How to Achieve Them

Many people drift through life, following a familiar path. They work 9-5 jobs, live near where they grew up, and rarely change careers. This lifestyle is fine if chosen intentionally, but often, people fall into it without considering other options.

Lifestyle design offers an alternative, although it suffers from a misunderstood image. Essentially, it means proactively and intentionally choosing every aspect of your life. Instead of discussing lifestyle design, let's explore four freedoms most people desire and how to achieve them.

1. Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is crucial, so let's address it first. Different ways to view financial freedom include:

  • Financial Independence (FI): The ability to cover living expenses with passive income from investments, which everyone aims for in retirement.

  • Short-term Financial Freedom: The ability to cover living expenses without financial stress, involving multiple income streams you control. 

Short-term financial freedom also allows career changes, avoiding paycheck-to-paycheck living, and enables the other three types of freedom.

2. Location Freedom

Earning money remotely lets you live anywhere. 

You might live in a state or country where your money goes further. I enjoy a luxurious lifestyle on a modest budget in South America. You could also move closer to loved ones or benefit from lower taxes in another state or country.

3. Time Freedom

Time freedom means earning money on your own schedule through business ownership, freelance work, self-employment, or negotiating with an employer.

4. Work Freedom

If money didn't matter, what work would you do? Finding your ideal work might involve a pay cut, but it could be manageable through better budgeting, a side gig, or passive income from investments.

Many in the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement work relentlessly, dreaming of early retirement. However, those who retire young often return to work—on their terms. This means you can shift careers now without years of sacrifice.

After interviewing numerous financially independent individuals, I found a pattern. They incorporate all four freedoms into their lives.

Combining the Four Freedoms for Your Dream Life

While I'm not financially independent, I live the lifestyle I'd desire if I were. I do work I love, on my schedule, from anywhere in the world, without financial worries. I have all four freedoms, giving me full control over my life.

Start by brainstorming your ideal work, then research how to achieve it with time and location freedom. Only then consider the financial side. How much could you earn? Is it enough for minimal living expenses in your dream location?

Your ideal lifestyle is unique to you, likely involving all four freedoms and passive income. With intentional choices, you can create a life filled with financial, location, time, and work freedom.

By pursuing these four freedoms, you can design a lifestyle that brings you joy and fulfillment.

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