Uncover the Best Korean Barbecue Spots in the DC Area for a Mouthwatering Experience!

Uncover the Best Korean Barbecue Spots in the DC Area for a Mouthwatering Experience!
Experience the Ultimate Korean Barbecue in the DC Area. Savor mouthwatering grilled meats at these top-notch dining spots.
The Korean barbecue scene in the DC area has undergone a remarkable transformation. It's no longer just about pork belly and beef ribs, K-Pop music, and soju drinks (although you'll still find plenty of those). Now, you can indulge in dry-aged delicacies, elegant dining spaces, and an impressive selection of cocktails and wines. Gather your friends and family and embark on a delectable journey around a tabletop grill at these amazing Korean barbecue restaurants.
14215 Centreville Square, Centreville
Immerse yourself in luxury at this upscale establishment renowned for its exceptional dry- and wet-aging program. As you enter, you'll be greeted by rows of ribeyes glowing under a mesmerizing "#aging" sign. Instead of K-Pop, you'll be serenaded by soothing jazz tunes in the background. And in addition to traditional beer and soju, you can enjoy exquisite Cabernet Sauvignons and Malbecs. Expertly crafted beef and pork offerings are accompanied by homemade white and mustard leaf kimchis. Be sure not to miss the mouthwatering Korean-style beef tartare with pear slivers and uni, as well as the delightful sea urchin and cod roe rice topped with seasoned seaweed.
Multiple Locations: Annandale, Centreville, Rockville, Ellicott City
The original pioneer of the Korean barbecue scene now boasts multiple locations across Virginia, Maryland, and even Texas. Step into their bustling, industrial-edged dining rooms and treat yourself to an array of classic pork and beef cuts, along with unique options like octopus and duck. We recommend going for a combo and indulging in a seafood pancake, all perfectly accompanied by refreshing Hite beer and soju. Notably, the Annandale location even offers a karaoke bar next door for added entertainment.
Ingle Korean Steakhouse
8369 Leesburg Pike, Suite A, Vienna
Prepare to be amazed as you encounter a breathtaking display of an enormous dry-aged beef rib enclosed in glass at the entrance of this new addition to Tysons Corner. Inside, you'll find a bright and chic dining room adorned with marbled quartz tables, high ceilings, and beautiful wood accents. Delight in the prix-fixe menu options with cuts of the day from Virginia Angus beef, accompanied by a choice of sides and a dessert. Don't miss the opportunity to try their ice-chilled Kumamoto oysters or Korean-style steak tartare. As the evening sets in, indulge in unique cocktails like the gin-soju concoction with tangerine and sesame, or the non-alcoholic pineapple "perilla-ade."
4220 Annandale Rd., Annandale
Renowned for generous portions, attentive service, and unbeatable value, Kogiya is a favorite among Korean barbecue enthusiasts. Their combo sets and all-you-can-eat options offer a wide variety of delectable meats, including miso pork belly, fatty brisket, and various types of intestines. Their homemade dipping sauces, such as orange-chili and soy-garlic, are particularly outstanding. While reservations aren't accepted, we highly recommend calling in advance to join the waitlist. And if you can't get enough of their barbecue, they now offer take-home kits complete with burners, grill tops, and tongs.
9619 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax
Prepare for an unforgettable dining experience at this buzzing grill spot. Although there may be a wait, reserving a table in advance is highly recommended. Indulge in their enticing combination sets featuring spicy pork belly, bulgogi, and marinated short rib. Upgrade to the prime combo for a succulent 16-ounce ribeye that is sure to impress. Their assortment of panchan, traditional Korean side dishes, includes classic items like pickled daikon and sweet potato salad. And don't miss the opportunity to dip your beef into sizzling cheesy corn for a unique flavor explosion.
8114 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church
Discover a distinctive dining experience at this newcomer, aptly named "butcher shop" and "charcoal" in Korean. Puzukan Tan sets itself apart with special grills that combine gas and charcoal, resulting in a smokier and more flavorful barbecue. Indulge in their array of house-aged and pre-smoked meats, accompanied by unique sides such as bulgogi sushi and hash browns with kimchi mayo. For a taste of the best they have to offer, opt for the "butcher's omakase" menu, which includes sides and four meats, including a standout on-the-bone galbi. And to complete your meal, indulge in their delightful bing.
At So Korean BBQ, located at 5728 Pickwick Rd., Centreville, you'll be captivated by the sleek beer hall atmosphere. Indulge in delicious beef specialties, such as curry or rosemary-thyme pork belly. And unlike other barbecue joints, we offer an impressive selection of seafood, including spicy squid, shrimp, and yellow croaker. Don't miss out on our unique appetizers, like sweet-spicy fried chicken and tater tots. After a satisfying meal, head to our separate bar with a faux fireplace to relax and enjoy a soju cocktail.
Located at 7131 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, 9292 Korean BBQ is a must-visit destination. With its bright and airy ambiance, you'll feel comfortably immersed in our tall ceilings and wide booths. We highly recommend our group combos, featuring delectable marinated beef and pork short ribs. Each meat platter includes a delightful variety of panchan, such as sweet soy-glazed peanuts and pickled daikon slices. And to top it all off, when available, you'll be treated to complimentary muskmelon ice cream pops for dessert.
All in all, the selection of Korean Barbecue restaurants in the DC area is impressive. Whether you’re looking for a unique experience or a low-key evening out, these eateries have something to offer you. It’s worth getting out and trying as many different locations as you can to really get a feel for what the Korean Barbecue culture has to offer. Plus, it’s always nice to support your local businesses when possible! So hit up a great Korean Barbecue restaurant and let the smell of smoked meats fill up your lungs. Make sure that you always call ahead for reservations, bring friends or family, and come with an empty stomach. And don’t forget to take pictures along the way so that your followers can live vicariously through your delicious exploration!

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