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    …Depending on who you hire! Moving companies are one of the most active areas at the Better Business Bureau – They process thousands of complaints each year in regards to overcharging, theft, damage to property, and missing items. Here are a few things you might want to consider when choosing a moving company. And we’ll even tell you about our favorite moving company!



    Before trusting your valuables to strangers, you need to do your best to screen for the best moving company possible. Your first step – screen every mover for quality and trustworthiness. Visit Yelp, Google and Facebook and PAY ATTENTION to the negative reviews specifically.  Do you see a recurring complaint? It’s likely it’s true.  Please DO NOT just look at the number of stars a company has.  Sometimes companies have a lot of friends &/or family members who will click 5 stars on their behalf giving a “false ranking.”


    Every moving company that does interstate moves is required to be listed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Before you sign up with a mover, you should use the Administration’s search engine at to check for any user complaints.


    If the moving company you’re using only operates within your state, they only need to answer to local regulations. In this case, you should consult for information on your state’s regulator. When you arrive at the website, you should find out about the screening services offered.


    Lastly, you should look up the names of the moving companies that you are considering on the website of the Better Business Bureau. If they have any open complaints on file, you’ll know to stay away from them.



    Whatever services you need, you must make sure that each estimate includes it all. If a company representative doesn’t personally come out to verify the contents of your move, make sure to send them pictures of all of your belongings so that there are no surprise fees associated with the amount of items you have to be moved.  Sometimes, moving companies offer attractive, low quotes by quietly charging separately for essential services. Then they hit you up with extra fees later on the day of your move for those services. When you compare quotes from different movers, you need to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.



    If a moving company misplaces the possessions of a client in the moving process or breaks something, they are liable for it by law. To make sure that moving companies are always in a position to offer compensation, the law requires that they use special, moving company insurance.  It works similarly to the third-party insurance that automobile owners are required to buy. In the event of an accident, the insurance at least makes sure that any victims are compensated. Shady moving companies often disregard the law and accept business even when they hold no insurance.


    To guard against such operators, you need to ask for proof that the mover has insurance and look at what the insurance excludes. Moving companies usually offer clients different levels of coverage. If you pay nothing extra for insurance coverage, you only get baseline protection – 60 cents for every pound of possession lost or damaged. If you want full value compensation, you need to pay extra for it.


    When you get such insurance, the mover is obligated to repair, replace or otherwise compensate you for anything that’s damaged or lost. If a mover’s full value insurance is expensive, you can consider buying it from the company that holds your current homeowners’ insurance policy.



    • Ask the moving company if they plan to do the entire move themselves or farm out the work to another company. While reputable moving companies do sometimes work with other movers, such arrangements involve having your possessions moved from one truck to another at some point. It brings in added risk.
    • Ask if the mover has its own crew members on the company payroll, or if they simply get temporary hires for each move. Ask to see their workers’ background verification forms. One Loudoun County, VA moving company named Barry’s Best Movers, uses subcontractor help for the majority of their moves. We don’t recommend this because there is no telling who will actually be handling your belongings, and there is no comradery amongst team members when the crew tires out.
    • If the mover has no local address, no customer service phone number or website, they are probably not professionals and are best stayed away from.



    If you’re looking for a good moving company, we have the greatest referral for Virginia state moves! This is by far the BEST QUALITY moving company you will ever use. The name of the company is: Mountain Moving LLC.  Their website is Though they are based near Harrisonburg, they will travel statewide and are very affordable as well as careful, respectful and concise.



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